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USMC Combat Operations Center

In the United States Marine Corps, the command element (CE) is the command and control force of a Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). It provides C3I for the MAGTF.

Role within the MAGTF[edit]

The Command Element (CE), a headquarters unit organized into a MAGTF (MEU, MEB, MEF) headquarters (HQ) group, that exercises command and control (management and planning for manpower, intelligence, operations and training, and logistics functions) over the other elements of the MAGTF. The HQ group consists of communications, intelligence, surveillance, and law enforcement (i.e., military police) detachments, companies, and battalions, and reconnaissance (Force Reconnaissance), and liaison (ANGLICO) platoons, detachments, and companies.


The size of the CE varies in proportion to the size of the MAGTF. A Marine Expeditionary Force has a MEF Information Group, approximately the size of a regiment. A Marine Expeditionary Brigade holds a battalion-sized MEB Information Group. The various Marine Expeditionary Units command a company-sized MEU Information Group. Generally, MEF postings are permanent, while MEBs and MEUs rotate their GCE, ACE, and LCE twice annually.

Hierarchy of Marine command units[edit]

I Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group[edit]

Insignia Name Location
USMC - 1st Radio Battalion.png
9th Communication Battalion logo.svg

II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group[edit]

Insignia Name Location
8thCommLogo processed.jpg
Cbirflogogif chrome.processed.large.jpg

III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group[edit]

Insignia Name Location
Logo 5th anglico.png

Marine Forces Reserve CE units[edit]

Insignia Name Location
No image.png
3rd civil affairs group.png
4th CAG Insignia (transparent background) 01.png
Logo 3rd anglico.png
Logo 4th anglico.jpg
Logo 6th anglico.png
3rd FORECON.png
4th FORECON.png

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