Compact Space (band)

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Compact Space (band)
Genres Alternative
Years active 2009–present
Labels Elsbeere Recordings
Associated acts Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan, Das Shadow, Eigner/Clayton
Members Christian Eigner
Daryl Bamonte
Florian Kraemmer

Compact Space is a band featuring Christian Eigner, Daryl Bamonte and vocalist Florian Kraemmer. They started writing together in 2008 and released their first album in 2011. The first single 'Push Push' was released on iTunes and Amazon in October 2009 through their own label Elsbeere Recordings, to great acclaim.[1] On the internet, they also placed two other songs "Reverse Happiness" and "My Other Life" for people to stream on their MySpace page.

The album and single were produced by Christian Eigner and mixed by Paul PDub Walton. The artwork for the single is by Roger O'Donnell. In June 2011, the trio released their first full-length album 'Nameless' in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, in conjunction with Ferryhouse Publishing, a company based in Hamburg. In support of the release, an intimate gathering for 200 press and fans was organised at the Planetarium in Hamburg, Germany on 23 June. The album was played in full and accompanied by videos projected on the ceiling of the main theatre. In an interview from that evening[2] Florian and Christian explained that their working relationship has existed for many years (Florian provided vocals on Eigner's 'Recovery' amongst other previous collaborations) and Daryl's lyrical contributions added a new dimension to their songwriting. The album is set for release worldwide later in 2011 or early 2012.

The digital "Push Push E.P." was also released on the same date. A second E.P. called "Who Says It's Real" with a new track and some mixes was released on 23 December.

Writing for a second album has commenced in August 2011, as posted on Daryl's Twitter Account[3]


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