Concepción Province, Peru

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Municipalidad Peru Junín Concepción Concepción.jpg
Coat of arms of Concepción
Coat of arms
Country Peru
Region Junín
Capital Concepción
 • Mayor Oscar Enrique Berrios Fuentes
 • Total 3,067.52 km2 (1,184.38 sq mi)
Population (2002 estimate)
 • Total 71,215
 • Density 23/km2 (60/sq mi)
UBIGEO 120201

Concepción Province is one of nine provinces in the Junín Region in central Peru. Its capital is Concepción.

Notable sites include El convento de Ocopa, which contains a vast library and artefacts that were acquired from the first Spanish expeditions to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.


The Waytapallana mountain range traverses the province. Some of the highest peaks of the province are listed below:[1]

Political division[edit]

The province is divided into seventeen districts (Spanish: distritos, singular: distrito), each of which is headed by a mayor (alcalde):


  1. ^ UGEL map of the Concepción Province (Junín Region)

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Coordinates: 11°55′07″S 75°18′46″W / 11.918478°S 75.312889°W / -11.918478; -75.312889