Concord, Sunderland

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Concord is a village in Washington, a town in Tyne and Wear, England. Historically part of County Durham, it joined a new county in 1974 with the creation of Tyne and Wear. Washington is located geographically at an equal distance from the centres of Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland, hence it has close ties to all three cities.

The main street at Concord's centre is "Front Street", which comprises several takeaways,pubs, frozen food shops, newsagents and bookmakers.

Concord has a fairly large bus station, with many buses to and from Newcastle, Sunderland, Washington Galleries, Heworth and a few other villages in and around Washington. In total, there are 7 bus stops. Six of which are in the designated bus station area, while the other bus stop is on the opposite side of the main street. Concord has the Washington Millennium Centre, situated in The Oval. The village also has a small health centre, the Victoria health centre. Coordinates: 54°54′52″N 1°31′23″W / 54.914383°N 1.523136°W / 54.914383; -1.523136