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Drying died curbing.

Concrete landscape curbing (or concrete landscape bordering) is an alternative to plastic or metal landscape edging made with concrete.[1] Concrete landscape curbing has become more popular over the last decade with hardscape suppliers offering a variety of different pavers and styling options.[2]

Concrete landscape curbing has been installed in every climate in the United States and throughout the world. It is usually installed using a specialized landscape curbing machine based on a design that originated in Australia in the 1970s.[citation needed]

Due to the expensive and laborious installation, concrete landscape curbing is usually utilized to create a permanent border. It is not particularly useful in areas where the landscape is likely to change, for example around a non-permanent swimming pool, which won't last forever, or a pine tree, where the border would need to expand with the tree's growth.[3]

Concrete landscape curbing can be used to highlight and emphasize a flowerbed or other landscaping area. Various colors and stamps are available to achieve different looks. A lawn mower wheel can be run on the curbing, eliminating edging where a curb is installed. Because of its weight, the concrete landscape curbing border acts as a root barrier, and is more elegant looking and will last for years. [4]


Concrete curbing can contain decomposed granite, pavers, brick, mulch, and other pavement and walking surfaces for paths, walkways, driveways, and other outdoor circulation.


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