Conneaut School District

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Conneaut School District
Map of Crawford County Pennsylvania School Districts.png
219 West School Drive
Linesville, Pennsylvania, Crawford 16424
United States
Type Public
Superintendent Jarrin Sperry
Grades K-12
Enrolment 2,210

The Conneaut School District is a public school district in Crawford County, Pennsylvania and geographically encompasses approximately the western third of the county. The school district is approximately 8 miles west of Meadville, 40 miles south of Erie and 91 miles north of Pittsburgh. Comprising a total area of approximately 319 square miles, the School District is bordered on the south by Mercer County, on the west by the state of Ohio, on the north by Erie County and on the east by the city of Meadville. The School District comprises the Boroughs of Conneaut Lake, Conneautville, Linesville and Springboro; and the Townships of Beaver, Conneaut, East Fallowfield, Greenwood, North Shenango, Pine, Sadsbury, Spring, Summerhill, Summit and West Fallowfield. The School District can be classified as rural with the majority of the work force employed in area contiguous to that of the School District.

Attendance Areas[edit]

The Conneaut School District comprises three separate attendance areas: Linesville, Conneaut Lake and Conneaut Valley. Each attendance area represents a small diverse community. Linesville is a small community located near the Pennsylvania and Ohio state line. It is a close-knit community. Many tourist visit Linesville because of the town’s proximity to Pymatuning Lake. Conneaut Lake is a resort town on the shores of Conneaut Lake. Tourism flourishes here particularly during summer months. Conneaut Valley represents the community of Conneautville and Springboro, small towns in the north-central part of the school district. The Conneaut Valley community is also centered in a predominantly agricultural area of Crawford County.


The Conneaut School District Board of Education recently voted to reconfigure its school buildings and realign its attendance areas in order to cut costs and more efficiently serve its students. The board voted to have 2 elementary schools, 2 middle school schools and one senior high school to serve the district. Prior to reconfiguration, the district had 3 elementary schools and 3 junior-senior high schools. All of the district's buildings will be used in the reconfiguration.

An Administration Building, located on the Linesville campus, houses the district’s central office staff. The six schools and the Administration Building have recently been extensively renovated. The renovation project speaks well of the communities’ high priority and commitment in providing the best education facilities for the children of the school district.

Elementary Schools[1][edit]

School Name Grades School Address Enrollment Mascot Colors
Conneaut Lake Elementary School
K-4 630 Line St
Conneaut Lake, PA 16316
428 Indian Maroon and Grey
Conneaut Valley Elementary School
K-4 22361 State Highway 18
Conneautville, PA 16406
345 Indian Red and Black

Middle Schools[1][edit]

School Name Grades School Address Enrollment Mascot Colors
Conneaut Lake Middle School
5-8 10331 US Highway 6
Conneaut Lake, PA 16316
360 Indian Maroon & Gray
Conneaut Valley Middle School
5-8 22154 State Highway 18
Conneautville, PA 16406
355 Indian Red and Black

Senior High School[1][edit]

School Name Grades School Address Enrollment Mascot Colors
Conneaut Area Senior High School
9-12 302 West School Drive
Linesville, PA 16424
722 Eagle Black & Silver with Royal Blue accents
  • Note: The Conneaut Area Senior High School also uses the building that used to house the former Alice Shafer Elementary School located on the same campus in Linesville which is now called the Alice L. Schafer Annex.[1]


The schools enrollments total 2,210 for the entire school district.[1] The enrollment numbers are expected to remain fairly constant given the static population experienced in the school district community. Enrollment has fallen this past school year.


More than 275 administrators and supervisors, teachers and support staff share the responsibility of making Conneaut Schools function efficiently.

School Board[edit]

The Board of School Directors has nine members, elected by region. The school board governs the Conneaut School District. As the chief administrative officer, the Superintendent of Schools, is assisted by a professional and supervisory staff which presently includes an Assistant Superintendent, a Business Manager, a Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment/Title I Services, a Supervisor of Special Education, a Director of Technology, a Director of Buildings and Grounds and nine building administrators.

Mission Statement[edit]

The Mission of the Conneaut School District is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which all students acquire the skills necessary to become productive members of a global society.

Vision Statement[edit]

The Conneaut School District envisions a community where all students recognize and fulfill their unique potential to responsibly contribute to a global society

Shared Values[edit]

   * Parents and family are vital parts of the learning process.
   * All learning should occur in a safe and healthy environment.
   * Students must develop their skills and the desire to become lifelong learners.
   * All students can learn and achieve success.
   * Learners develop at different rates and have varying learning styles.
   * All students have the right to equal access to an education.
   * Parents, teachers, and staff must serve as positive role models for students.
   * The use of current technology is essential to education.
   * The community can and should serve as a resource for learning.
   * Effective teachers are the most essential element in the educational process.
   * Extra-curricular and athletic programs are integral to the educational process.
   * The community must take an active interest in the welfare and education of all children and
     their success or failure.
   * Students will understand and respect cultural, religious and ethnic differences.
   * The Board and Administration must provide professional development and growth opportunities for all employees.
   * Learners should be accountable for their own actions.
   * Teachers, administrators and parents must set high expectations for student learning.
   * Administrators should know how to manage, monitor, and work with people.
   * All members of the school community must be treated with respect.
   * The district should provide a well-rounded and challenging curriculum.
   * Operation of the school district must be a shared responsibility of the school, community, and parents.
   * All students should feel their input is important.
   * Students must be offered hands-on and vocational learning experiences.
   * Students should be recognized for positive contributions.
   * Teachers must work together cooperatively.
   * Students should value creative thinking and the arts.
   * Assessment should be authentic and useful in guiding instruction for the students.
   * Employees should have a strong desire to be the best they can be.


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