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Connie Garner
— Bodybuilder —
Personal info
Nickname Pocket Rocket
Born (1979-05-22) May 22, 1979 (age 37)
Canberra, Australia
Height 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 m)
Weight (In Season): 105-110 lb.
(Off-Season):120-130 lb.
Professional career
Best win 2000 Miss World Fitness Champion, NABBA
2001 Miss Fitness Australia Champion
2000 Miss Fitness Australia Champion,
Best year (2000) and (2001)

Connie Garner (born May 22, 1979) is NABBA Miss World Fitness, fitness competitor. Garner won the Miss World Fitness title in 2000.[1][2][3]


Garner was born and raised in Canberra, Australia. She began Jazz Ballet dancing at 7 years old, she was an athletic student playing waterpolo, netball, basketball, hockey and soccer in high school. Connie was introduced to the gym by her physical education teacher, Connie became a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor herself in 1993.[4]

Her first competition was in Sport Aerobics in 1997 in which she won the State title. Connie then went on to compete in Fitness Competitions in the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABBA)/World Fitness Federation (WFF) and Ms. Fitness federations. During her 5 years of competing Connie won multiple State and Australian Miss Fitness titles with her best win being Miss World Fitness in 2000.[1] Fitness success followed with media coverage and Connie was on the Cover of For Him Magazine [5] in 2002. Also in popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan,[6] Ms. Fitness Magazine,[7] Australian Ironman,[3][8][9][10] Australian MuscleMag,[4] Women in Sport,[11] Oxygen Magazine [12] in January 2015. Her Fitness career was followed by Newspapers and Local News.[1][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24] Connie Garner retired from Fitness Competitions in 2001 to focus on education obtaining two degrees, a Master of Information Systems and a Bachelor of Communication Information both from the University of Canberra, Australia. She is a working Actress and Model, in the Movie San Andreas, in TV Series Mako Mermaids as well as working in cyber security.[25] Connie authored a chapter on Success in the book Real Talk Real Women [26] published in 2014.

Connie's heritage is Finnish and she is cousin to World Strongman Riku Kiri from Finland.

Connie Garner is in the 2014 Movie San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson.

Contest history[edit]

  • 2001 World Fitness Federation Universe 5th
  • 2001 NABBA Miss Fitness Australia 1st
  • 2000 NABBA Miss World Fitness 1st
  • 2000 NABBA Miss Fitness Australia 1st
  • 1999 NABBA Miss Fitness Australia 1st
  • 1999 Ms. Fitness World 16th
  • 1999 NABBA Miss Fitness Australia 2nd
  • 1999 NABBA Miss Fitness State Titles 1st
  • 1998 NABBA Miss Fitness Australia 2nd
  • 1998 NABBA Miss Fitness State Titles 1st
  • 1997 NABBA Miss Fitness State Titles 1st

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