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Accolade Wines
Location Old Reynella, South Australia
Formerly Thomas Hardy and Sons, BRL Hardy, The Hardy Wine Company, Constellation Wines Australia.
Other labels Amberley, Anakena, Atlas Peak, Babycham, Banrock Station, Bay of Fires, Berri Estates, Brookland Valley, Country Manor, Da Luca, Echo Falls, Eddystone Point, Fish Hoek, Flagstone, Geyser Peak, Ginger Joe, Goundrey, Grant Burge, Hardys, Houghton, House of Arras, Jack Rabbit, Kumala, Leasingham, Le Portail des Coteaux, Mezzomondo, Moondah Brook, Mud House, Omni, Renmano, Reynella, Sir James, Stanley, Stones, Stowells, Ta Ku, Tintara, Turner Road, Waipara Hills, William Hardy, Yarra Burn, XYZin.
Founded 1853
Key people Paul Schaafsma (chief executive), Nick Greiner (chairman).
Parent company CHAMP Private Equity (80%), Constellation Brands (20%).
Varietals Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Merlot, Grenache, Semillon

Accolade Wines is a major global wine business with headquarters in South Australia.

The company is 80 per cent owned by the Australian private equity firm CHAMP Private Equity and 20 per cent owned by the United-States-based alcohol giant Constellation Brands.[1]

It began as Thomas Hardy and Sons, a company founded in 1853 by Thomas Hardy in Adelaide, which grew to become Australia's largest winemaker. The company headquarters are in Old Reynella, South Australia.

Accolade has more than 1700 employees around the world, with operations in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, mainland Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Former Thomas Hardy & Sons Ltd Wine Cellars, 1893, at Mile End

At 20 years of age, Thomas Hardy arrived in South Australia after sailing from the English county of Devon in 1850. He worked at Reynella Farm for John Reynell, then drove cattle to the Victorian goldfields. Hardy used the money he had earned to purchase a property on the banks of the River Torrens, which he named 'Bankside'.[2][3]

Shiraz and Grenache vines were planted on the Bankside property. Wine was sold locally and in England, and the profits enabled Hardy to buy the Tintara Vineyard Company about 1876. Hardy steadily expanded the company over the years, purchasing a bottling plant at Mile End, cellars on Currie Street in Adelaide, and a disused flour mill in McLaren Vale.[3]

In 1938, then chairman Tom Mayfield Hardy was killed in an aeroplane crash along with other leading South Australian winemakers. His cousin, Kenneth Hardy, became chairman.[4]

In 1968, the company established extensive vineyards in the Padthaway area.

In 1976, Thomas Hardy and Sons made its first corporate acquisition by purchasing the London-based Emu Wine Company, which included Houghton (Western Australia's largest winery) and Morphett Vale.

In 1982, the company purchased Chateau Reynella, where Thomas Hardy had first worked, and converted it to its headquarters.

Further expansion came in 1992, when Thomas Hardy & Sons merged with Berri Renmano Limited to form what then became Australia's second largest wine group, BRL Hardy Limited.

In 2003, the brands of BRL Hardy and those of Constellation Brands were merged to create the world's largest international wine business.[5] BRL Hardy Limited was renamed The Hardy Wine Company.

In 2006, Constellation Brands acquired Vincor International, adding the West Australian brands of Amberley and Goundrey to the Hardy portfolio.

On 31 March 2008, The Hardy Wine Company changed its name to Constellation Wines Australia.[citation needed]

In February 2011, Constellation Brands sold 80 per cent of Constellation Wines Australia, along with sister company Constellation Europe, to CHAMP Private Equity. Constellation Brands retained a 20 per cent stake in the newly named Accolade Wines.[1]

In October 2015, Accolade sold its 50 per cent share of British drinks distributor Matthew Clark.[1][6][7]

In November 2016, the company acquired the Australian premium wine portfolio of beverage giant Lion.[8][9]

In December 2016, the company's brokers were reported to be preparing to float Accolade on the Australian Securities Exchange in the first half of 2017. Citigroup and Morgan Stanley held a roadshow for potential investors in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong. The initial public offering is expected to be worth more than $1 billion. CHAMP Private Equity reportedly wanted to exit after owning the majority of Accolade shares for six years.[8]


Accolade Wines has evolved into a global wine company, selling its products in over 80 countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States, Japan, China, and across Continental Europe.

It has branch offices in the United Kingdom (Weybridge and Bristol), Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne), and South Africa (Stellenbosch), as well as in Moscow, Warsaw, Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing and California.

The business is the largest wine company by volume and value in the United Kingdom and Ireland, a highly-competitive market with thin margins.[1] Its popular brands there include:

  • Hardys, the number one Australian wine brand in the UK and a significant wine brand in mainland Europe,
  • Kumala, the UK's number two South African wine brand,
  • Echo Falls, the third largest wine brand in the UK,
  • Stowells, the number one wine brand in the UK on-premises trade,
  • Banrock Station, the UK’s number one environmentally friendly wine brand,
  • Wine fusions such as Stone’s Ginger Wine, Ginger Joe alcoholic ginger beer and Babycham perry,
  • Californian brands such as Geyser Peak, Atlas Peak and XYZin, drawing on the Sonoma and Atlas Peak regions.

The chief executive since October 2015 has been Paul Schaafsma, who previously worked for Australian Vintage. The chairman is former New South Wales premier Nick Greiner. The deputy chairman is John Ratcliffe, who was Schaafsma's predecessor as CEO.[1]

Wine labels[edit]

Winery/Brand Region Country External link Notes
Amberley Estate[10] Western Australia Australia [1]
Anakena[11] Chile [2] Acquired 2015[1]
Atlas Peak[12] Napa Valley North America [3]
Babycham[13] United Kingdom [4] Sparkling perry.
Banrock Station[10] South Australia Australia [5]
Bay of Fires[10] Tasmania Australia [6]
Berri Estates[10] South Australia Australia [7]
Brookland Valley[10] Margaret River Australia [8]
Country Manor[13] United Kingdom
Da Luca[14] Italy
Drylands[15] Marlborough New Zealand [9] Agent only (for the Pacific, Japan and United Kingdom).[15]
Echo Falls[12] North America [10] Includes Fruit Fusion range released 2015[16]
Eddystone Point[10] Tasmania Australia [11]
Fish Hoek[17] South Africa [12]
Flagstone[17] South Africa [13]
Geyser Peak[12] Alexander Valley North America [14]
Ginger Joe[13] United Kingdom [15] Alcoholic ginger beer.
Goundrey[10] Western Australia Australia [16]
Grant Burge Wines[10] Barossa Australia [17] Acquired 2014.[8]
Gran Tierra[11] Chile [18]
Hardys[10] (various) Australia Named world's second strongest wine brand in 2008.[18]
Houghton[10] Swan Valley Australia
House of Arras[10] Tasmania Australia [19] Sparkling wine.
Jack Rabbit[19] "Other"
Kumala[17] South Africa [20]
Leasingham[10] Clare Valley Australia [21] Label only?[20][better source needed]
Le Portail des Coteaux[citation needed]
Mezzomondo[14] Italy
Moondah Brook[10] Western Australia Australia [22]
Monkey Bay[15] New Zealand [23] Agent only (for the Pacific, Japan and United Kingdom).[15]
Mud House[15] (various) New Zealand [24]
Nobilo[15] New Zealand [25] Agent only (for the Pacific, Japan and United Kingdom).[15]
Omni[10] Australia [26]
Paul Masson Winery[12] North America Agent only (for Australia, Pacific, Japan, United Kingdom).[12]
Ravenswood[12] North America [27] Agent only (for Australia, Pacific, Japan, United Kingdom).[12]
Renmano[10] Australia
Reynella[10] Australia
Robert Mondavi[12] North America [28] Agent only (for Australia, Pacific, Japan, United Kingdom).[12]
Sir James[citation needed]
Stanley Wines[10] Australia
Starve Dog Lane[10] Australia [29]
Stones[13] United Kingdom [30] Ginger wine
Stowells[19] (various) "Other" On-premise brand, sold in the UK, of wines from around the world.[19]
Ta Ku[15] (various) New Zealand [31]
Tintara[citation needed]
Turner Road[12] North America
Waipara Hills[15] Waipara New Zealand [32]
William Hardy[citation needed]
Yarra Burn[10] Yarra Valley Australia Sparkling wine
XYZin[12][21] North America

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