Contract Act, 1872 (Bangladesh)

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Contract Act, 1872
(ACT NO. IX OF 1872).
Council of the Governor General
Jatiyo Sangshad
Territorial extentBangladesh
Enacted byBritish Indian Empire
People's Republic of Bangladesh
Enacted25 April 1872
Commenced1 September 1872
Main source of law regulating contracts in Bangladesh
Status: Amended

The Contract Act, 1872 is the chief contract law in Bangladesh. Based on English contract law and the British Indian contract law, it was enacted in the 19th century and re-enacted by the Parliament of Bangladesh after the country's independence. It includes chapters on offer and acceptance, voidable contracts, contingent contracts, performance, breach of contract, contractual relations, the sale of goods, bailment, agency and partnership. It also covers topics such as consideration, misrepresentation and indemnity.[1][2]

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