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OriginOsaka, Japan
Years active1994–present
LabelsHG Fact, Nostalgia Blackrain
Associated actsdot(.)
Magdalene Ju-nen
MembersChew Hasegawa
Mark Yokota
Ippei "TEX" Suda
Past membersHevi
Lowell Isles
Takehito Miyagi

Corrupted are a Japanese doom/sludge metal band. They are known for avoiding interviews and publicity.[1] They have recorded several albums, including split albums with other artists and perform regularly in Japan and abroad.[2]

Musical style[edit]

They were described by JB Roe of Grooveshark as "some of the heaviest, gloomiest doom/sludge around, distinctly cacophonous, layering feedback pulverizing progressions into a distinctly cacophonous rumble."[3] However, some songs feature long acoustic sections, spoken-word interludes, and unconventional instruments. An example of the latter can be found on their 2005 album El mundo frio, which is a 72-minute song with extensive sections of harp. Iann Robinson wrote on, "Right when you think you can peg Corrupted as an all Doom band they release a lush acoustic set within their bleak musical landscape."[1]

They mainly sing in Spanish, with some songs containing sections in Japanese or English.

In 2009, Terrorizer chose Corrupted's 1997 album Paso inferior as the seventeenth-best sludge album. They wrote at the time,

In 2002, the band released a statement about interviews:





  • "La victima es tu mismo" (2001, View Beyond Records)
  • "Vasana" (2007, HG Fact)
  • "An Island Insane" (2007, HG Fact)
  • "喪失: Loss" (2015, Crust War)


Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Raggle Taggle (1996, Tag Rag)
  • Una de gato cuerno de vaca (1996, Tee Pee Records)
  • Painkiller vol. 1 (1996, Devastating Soundworks)
  • Reality No. 3 (1999, Deep Six Records)
  • Homeless Benefit EP (1999, Bad Card Records)
  • Twin Threat to Your Sanity (2001, Bad People Records)


Previous members[edit]

  • Yasushi Yoshida — vocals (live-only)
  • Takaho — vocals (live-only)
  • Kawabata — vocals (live-only)
  • Rie lambdoll — vocals (live-only)
  • Hevi — vocals, bass guitar
  • Talbot — guitar
  • Anri — harp on El mundo frio
  • Takehito Miyagi — keyboards (studio-only)
  • Shibata — bass guitar
  • Jose — bass guitar
  • Lowell Isles — bass guitar
  • Katsumi Hiryu — bass guitar
  • Monger — bass guitar

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