Corrupted (band)

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Origin Osaka, Japan
Years active 1994–present
Labels HG Fact, Nostalgia Blackrain
Members Chew Hasegawa
Mark Yokota
Ippei "TEX" Suda
Past members Hevi
Lowell Isles
Takehito Miyagi

Corrupted are a Japanese doom/sludge metal band. They are known for their antipathy towards mainstream acceptance, even in their subgenre, which naturally tends towards obscurity. This is reflected not only in their dark and oppressive musical style but their reclusive nature, avoiding interviews and publicity photo shoots.[1] Despite their lack of media exposure they have recorded prolifically throughout their career, including numerous split albums with many artists and perform regularly in Japan and occasionally abroad, twice to the United States.[2]

Musical style[edit]

The band's sound is characterized by down-tuned guitars and bass playing slow, monotonous riffs under deep layers of feedback. The vocals are harsh, guttural growls, and the music alternates between long instrumental sections and sections with vocals which go for long periods of time without rest. They have been described by one writer as "some of the heaviest, gloomiest doom/sludge around, distinctly cacophonous, layering feedback pulverizing progressions into a distinctly cacophonous rumble."[3] However, some songs feature long acoustic sections, spoken-word interludes, and unconventional instruments. An example of the latter can be found on their 2005 album El mundo frio, which is a 72-minute song with extensive sections of harp. As another writer notes, "Right when you think you can peg Corrupted as an all Doom band they release a lush acoustic set within their bleak musical landscape."[1] To this effect, they recently added a keyboardist, Takehito Miyagi, to their lineup, which had previously consisted only of guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

Corrupted has a few idiosyncrasies. Though they are from Japan and their members (including lyricist/drummer Chew Hasegawa) on most releases are all Japanese, they sing almost exclusively in Spanish, though some songs contain sections in Japanese or English. In addition, the band has never taken promotional pictures nor do any of the albums contain group photos. The only known existing photographs are taken by fans at concerts. The band also never does interviews. Corrupted's albums typically contain extensive liner notes in the form of bleak black-and-white photographs, often real-life scenes of war-torn areas or other depictions of human suffering.

Much of Corrupted's discography appears on split albums, which they share with other doom metal bands or often with grindcore bands. The band is known for its ability to produce songs of virtually any length; their longest album El mundo frio consists of a single song substantially longer than an hour, while their shortest song, "Reset", recorded for a homeless benefit compilation, lasts less than two minutes.

In 2009, Terrorizer chose Corrupted's 1997 album Paso inferior as the seventeenth-best sludge album. As they put it,


This is a statement from the band in relation to interviews:





  • "La victima es tu mismo" (2001, View Beyond Records)
  • "Vasana" (2007, HG Fact)
  • "An Island Insane" (2007, HG Fact)
  • "喪失: Loss" (2015, Crust War)


Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Raggle Taggle (1996, Tag Rag)
  • Una de gato cuerno de vaca (1996, Tee Pee Records)
  • Painkiller vol. 1 (1996, Devastating Soundworks)
  • Reality No. 3 (1999, Deep Six Records)
  • Homeless Benefit EP (1999, Bad Card Records)
  • Twin Threat to Your Sanity (2001, Bad People Records)


Previous members[edit]

  • Yasushi Yoshida — vocals (live-only)
  • Takaho — vocals (live-only)
  • Kawabata — vocals (live-only)
  • Rie lambdoll — vocals (live-only)
  • Hevi — vocals, bass guitar
  • Talbot — guitar
  • Anri — harp on El mundo frio
  • Takehito Miyagi — keyboards (studio-only)
  • Shibata — bass guitar
  • Jose — bass guitar
  • Lowell Isles — bass guitar
  • Katsumi Hiryu — bass guitar
  • Monger — bass guitar


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