Cosima von Bülow Pavoncelli

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Cosima von Bülow Pavoncelli
Cosima von Bülow

(1967-04-15) 15 April 1967 (age 53)
Count Riccardo Pavoncelli
(m. 1996)
ChildrenNicolas Pavoncelli
Marina Pavoncelli
Antonia Carolina Pavoncelli
Parent(s)Claus von Bülow
Martha Sharp "Sunny" Crawford

Countess Cosima von Bülow Pavoncelli (born 15 April 1967) is a British socialite and philanthropist of American, Danish and German ancestry and daughter of the lawyer Claus von Bülow and Sunny von Bülow. She was named on the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1999.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Cosima von Bülow was born 15 April 1967 in New York City,[3] where she attended the Chapin School.[4] She then attended Brown University. She is third child of Sunny von Bülow and the only child of Claus von Bülow. Her great grandfather was Frits Toxwerdt von Bülow af Plüskow (1872–1955), a Danish minister of justice.

She has two half-siblings from her mother's first marriage; Princess Annie-Laurie "Ala" Henriette von Auersperg (born 1958) and Prince Alexander-Georg von Auersperg (born 1959). After her graduation from Brown University in 1989, she moved to London to join her father.[5]

Personal life[edit]

In 1996, she married Count Riccardo Pavoncelli (born 8 October 1957 in Naples),[6] an Italian banker.[7] He is the son of Giuseppe Pavoncelli (1929–2010) and Rosalba Morelli (b. 1935)[8] He is related to Giuseppe Pavoncelli[it] (1836–1910). The couple have three children:

  • Nicolas Antonio Riccardo Pavoncelli (b. 10 August 1998)
  • Marina Gaetana Pavoncelli (b. 20 June 2000)
  • Antonia Carolina Pavoncelli (b. 23 November 2005)[9]


She donates money to education programmes, cultural institutions and cancer charities in Britain and administers a fund at New York City's Morgan Library & Museum that buys drawings in her mother's name, the Sunny Crawford von Bülow Fund.[10]

In popular culture[edit]

The 1990 film Reversal of Fortune was based on Alan Dershowitz' books about the case against Claus von Bulow for the alleged murder attempt on his wife, Sunny, with Kristi Hundt as the older Cosima von Bülow and Kara Emerson as the young Cosima von Bülow.



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