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Genre Cordial, Drink
Founder Spencer Cottee
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Parent Schweppes Australia

Cottee's is an Australian brand of cordial drinks, owned by Schweppes Australia.


The company originated in the early 1900s by Spencer Milton Cottee (ca.1864 – 8 June 1944) who started processing passionfruit in Lismore into the Passiona soft drink brand in 1925-7. A factory was opened in Leichhardt in the 1930s. Cottee was a champion of the dairy industry and advocated efficient use of milk by-products such as casein.[1] Passiona was also bottled in South Australia by Geo. Hall and Sons.

Apart from Passiona, the most popular Cottee's carbonated soft drinks were Tango (orange), and Coola (lime), with other flavours including lemon, cola, and lemonade. The brand's popularity reached its zenith in the 1960s. Cottee's Coola flavour is the most popular cordial in Australia (Coola, Australia's Flavourite Cordial).[2]

In 1965, the company was acquired by the American company General Foods, and in 1984 by Cadbury Schweppes.[3] Schweppes Australia was acquired by Asahi Breweries in 2009.


Cottees make a variety of products including cordial, spreads, toppings, jellies and puddings.

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