Council Estate of Mind

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Council Estate of Mind
Studio album by Skinnyman
ReleasedAugust 9, 2004
GenreHip hop
LabelLow Life
ProducerAdam M, Baby J, DJ Flip, DJ Noize, Stoned Soldiers
Professional ratings
Review scores
BBC Collective4/5 stars [1]
cokemachineglow72/100 [2]
urbansmarts75/100 [3]
stylusmagazineB [4]

Council Estate Of Mind is a 2004 album by English rapper Skinnyman. It was produced by DJ Flip, Stoned Soldiers, Adam M, and others. Heavily autobiographical and socially analytical,[citation needed] the album makes much use of samples from Made in Britain, a British film from the early 1980s. The album spent 1 week on the UK chart and was placed on 65.[5]

Track listing[edit]

2."Fuck the Hook"4:54
4."Little Man (Part 1)"2:30
5."Little Man (Part 2)"1:18
6."Love's Gone from the Streets"4:35
7."Day to Day Basis"4:10
8."Life in My Rhymes"4:30
9."It's Over"4:32
10."I'll Be Surprised"4:11
11."Who? Me"2:54
12."No Big Ting"4:13
13."Put in the Work"3:52
14."That's What I'm Gonna Do"4:20
15."Council Estate of Mind"4:42


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