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The Council of Science Editors (CSE) is a United States-based nonprofit organization that supports editorial practice among scientific writers. In 2008, the CSE adopted the slogan "CSE: Education, Ethics, and Evidence for Editors (E4)".

A volunteer Board of Directors leads the Council, with the assistance of several committees. CSE is managed by Kellen Company, located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

History and organization[edit]

The organization was established in 1957 by the National Science Foundation and the American Institute of Biological Sciences as the Council of Biology Editors (CBE),[1] being renamed the Council of Science Editors, with a broader mission, on January 1, 2000.[2][3]

The membership of CSE comprises editorial professionals, mainly in the United States.

As well as providing services and advice online, CSE holds an annual meeting that includes short courses on topics such as journal editorship, publication management, manuscript editing, and journal metrics.

Policies and endorsements[edit]

The CSE offers guidance on ethics and practice in scientific publishing.


The CSE publishes a style guide for scientific papers, Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, although CSE style is not as widely used[4] as some other scientific styles such as AMA style and APA style. In 2014, CSE partnered with the University of Chicago Press to use the successful online platform of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) (which provides users with search and personal annotation of the manual) to publish Scientific Style and Format online. As of 2014, it is in the 8th edition.[5] The 7th edition was published in 2006[6] and the 6th in 1994.[7] Science Editor is the quarterly publication of the CSE; after one year, articles are available as open access (delayed open access).[8]

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