Council of State (Colombia)

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The Council of State of Colombia

State Council

- It is conformed by twenty-seven magistrates that exercise during eight years.

- It regulates the conflicts between the matters and the State.

Superior Council of Judicature

- It is conformed by thirteen magistrates. He/she administers the resources of the judicial branch.

- It salts administrative

- He/she administers resources.

- It salts disciplinary

- It regulates the behavior and the litigant lawyers' function and of the officials of the judicial branch.

What is the Council of State

•It is the maximum organ of the Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction, it solves the processes that involve to the State and the matters, or the processes that involve to two State Entities ultimately; it also completes an advisory function because it is the organ to which the Government should appeal before making certain decisions, it is not bound by its decision, but must consider the councils, verdict or opinion in certain matters.

It is the court of last resort, where the litigations end.

The Council of State of Colombia is the oldest judicial organ still in operation in Latin America. Created in 1821 and operating almost continually to date.

How does it work?

One goes to the Council of State when it is looked for at the request of Ministry, of the citizens in general, or of people that are harmed in their rights, in the cases and inside the limits of this law, the revision of the acts of the Corporations or administrative employees in exercise of their functions.