County of Moira

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Moira Victoria.png
Location in Victoria
Lands administrative divisions around Moira:
Cadell (NSW) Townsend (NSW) Denison (NSW)
Rodney Moira Bogong
Dalhousie Delatite Delatite

The County of Moira is one of the 37 counties of Victoria which are part of the cadastral divisions of Australia, used for land titles. It is located to the east of the Goulburn River, south of the Murray River, and west of part of the Ovens River. Part of Wangaratta is in the county, on the eastern end of it. It also includes Shepparton. The Shire of Moira is in a similar area.


Parishes within the county:


Coordinates: 36°25′S 145°40′E / 36.417°S 145.667°E / -36.417; 145.667