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Cowell /ˈkəl/ is a surname with multiple origins.

Origin of the name[edit]

Cowell is a surname of English origin.[1] It is a habitational name from several places in the counties of Lancashire and Gloucestershire called Cowhill, composed the Old English cu (cow) + hyll (hill).[1] In some instances the surname Cowell may also be an Americanized form of the Polish, Jewish and Sorbian name Kowal.[1] It could also be an anglicisation of a Scots Gaelic surname or from the Irish name McCawell.[2]

People with the surname[edit]

  • Brady Cowell (1899–1989), American college sports coach
  • Brendan Cowell (born 1976), Australian actor, screenwriter and director
  • Cressida Cowell (born 1966), English children's author, known for novel How to Train Your Dragon
  • Damian Cowell, Australian musician
  • Edward Byles Cowell (1826–1903), professor of Sanskrit at Cambridge University
  • Elizabeth Cowell, British BBC television service presenter
  • Frank Cowell, professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Henry Cowell (1897–1965), American composer
  • Several people named John Cowell:
  • Joseph Cowell (1792–1863), British actor and painter
  • Nicholas Cowell (born 1961), British estate agent and businessman
  • Philip Herbert Cowell (1870–1949), British astronomer
  • Roberta Cowell (1918—2011), British racing driver and World War 2 fighter pilot; and the first known British transsexual woman to undergo sex reassignment surgery
  • Roland Cowell American college sports coach
  • Sam Cowell (1820–1864), British actor and singer of comical songs
  • Two people named Simon Cowell:
    • Simon Cowell (born 1959), British record producer and impresario, known for Britain's Got Talent and other shows
    • Simon Cowell, British television presenter, host of Wildlife SOS
  • Stanley Cowell (born 1941), American jazz pianist and founder of the Strata-East Records label
  • Ted Bundy, American serial killer, rapist and necrophile, born Theodore Robert Cowell
  • Tony Cowell, British radio broadcaster and author

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