Crítica de la Argentina

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Critica Argentina logo.svg
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Antonio Mata
Editor Jorge Lanata (2008-09)
Daniel Capalbo (2009-10)
Founded March 2, 2008
Language Spanish
Ceased publication April 30, 2010; 8 years ago (2010-04-30)
Headquarters Buenos Aires
Circulation 80,000 (in 2008)

Crítica de la Argentina was a daily newspaper from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The name was a throwback to a Crítica originally published between 1913 and 1962, which, during the 1920s, was the most widely circulated in Latin America.[1]


It was founded on March 2, 2008, by prominent local journalist Jorge Lanata, and initially enjoyed a circulation of over 80,000 copies. Its rapid decline, to around 6,000, and differences with the paper's majority stakeholder, Antonio Mata, led Lanata to resign as editor in April 2009 (he continued to contribute columns).[2]

After Lanata's resignation, it was directed by a group conformed by Nerina Sturgeon, Alejandro Bianchi, Daniel Álvarez, Silvio Santamarina and Daniel Capalbo. The news daily failed to recover, however, and amid a strike resulting from unpaid salaries, Crítica ceased publication on April 30, 2010.[3]


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