Crack Attic

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Crack Attic
Compilation album by Crack the Sky
Released 1994
Recorded 1975–1981
Genre Rock
Length 76:15
Label Renaissance

Crack Attic is a compilation of songs from the first five studio albums by Crack the Sky. It draws most heavily from their 1975 debut and 1976 follow-up, with more than half of the tracks here taken from those two releases.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by John Palumbo, except where noted. 

No. Title Original Album Length
1. "Hold On"   Crack the Sky 3:00
2. "Surf City"   Crack the Sky 3:54
3. "She's a Dancer"   Crack the Sky 3:53
4. "Mind Baby"   Crack the Sky 4:31
5. "Ice"   Crack the Sky 4:37
6. "We Want Mine"   Animal Notes 4:51
7. "Maybe I Can Fool Everybody (Tonight)"   Animal Notes 5:56
8. "Rangers at Midnight"   Animal Notes 7:34
9. "Invaders from Mars"   Animal Notes 3:30
10. "Nuclear Apathy"   Safety in Numbers 8:31
11. "Long Nights"   Safety in Numbers 3:56
12. "Lighten Up McGraw" (Rob Stevens, Rick Witkowski, Joe Macre) Safety in Numbers 5:08
13. "White Music"   White Music 4:12
14. "Hot Razors in My Heart"   White Music 4:48
15. "Poptown"   White Music 3:48
16. "Flamingo Prelude/Too Nice for That"   Photoflamingo 4:06


The band[edit]

  • Joe Macre — Bass guitar, back-up vocals
  • Rick Witkowski — Guitar, back-up vocals
  • John Palumbo — Bass guitar, vocals, keyboards, guitar, piano
  • Gary Lee Chappell — Lead vocals ("Nuclear Apathy", "Lighten Up McGraw")
  • Joey D'Amico — Drums, back-up vocals, lead vocals ("Long Nights")
  • Vince DePaul — Synthesizer, keyboards
  • Jim Griffiths — guitar, back-up vocals

Additional musicians[edit]

  • Terence P. Minogue — Horn
  • Michael Brecker — Horn ("She's a Dancer", "Mind Baby")
  • Randy Brecker — Horn ("She's a Dancer", "Mind Baby")
  • David Sanborn — Horn ("She's a Dancer", "Mind Baby")