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For other albums of a similar name, see Rare (disambiguation).
Compilation album by Crack the Sky
Released 1994
Genre Rock
Label Yodelin' Pig

Rare! compiles tracks from four Crack the Sky albums from 1983–1990, two of John Palumbo's solo albums, and previously unreleased live and demo recordings. It was released in 1994 on CD.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original Album Length
1. "Mr. President" Dog City  
2. "Love Me Like a Terrorist" Dog City  
3. "From the Greenhouse" From the Greenhouse  
4. "Lost in America" From the Greenhouse  
5. "Boilermaker" Raw  
6. "Mr. DJ" World in Motion 1  
7. "Drifting Back to Motown" John Palumbo's Blowing Up Detroit  
8. "Dancing With the Fuhrer" John Palumbo's Victim of the Nightlife  
9. "Monkey Time" live or demo version  
10. "Last Time" live or demo version  
11. "Crying Father from Idaho" live or demo version  
12. "Jungle Man" live or demo version  
13. "Atlantic City" live or demo version  
14. "Blowing up Detroit" live or demo version  
15. "Let It Be" (Live, written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney) Let It Be