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Craig "Sawman" Sawyer
Craig Sawyer
Born 1963 (age 53–54)
Nationality American
Known for Former Navy SEAL, Technical advisor

Craig R. "Sawman" Sawyer (born 1963) is a Marine veteran, former Navy SEAL, sniper, combat instructor. Sawyer is the owner of Tactical Insider, which brings technical advice on weapons and combat to Hollywood films and actors.[1]

Sawyer began his military career with the U.S. Marine Corps, but switched to the U.S. Navy to pursue a career in special operations as a Navy SEAL graduating from the Basic Underwater Demolition (BUD)/Sea, Air, Land (SEAL) training class 149 and serving in SEAL Team ONE. He then went on to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Throughout his career, Sawyer has become an expert in several military and combat disciplines like shooting; counter-terrorism; surveillance and counter-surveillance; climbing; criminal investigation; parachuting; and hand-to-hand combat, among others.

After his military career, Sawyer has run specialized teams to provide security to politicians and dignitaries including Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Donald Rumsfeld, and John Negroponte.[2]

Sawyer founded Tactical Insider to provide training and technical advice to films, actors, and corporate clients. He has contributed to news shows like FOX News[3] and CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. He has also been a frequent contributor to History Channel's show Sniper: Deadliest Missions. Since 2010, Sawyer has been a recurring trainer for History's marksmen competition Top Shot, appearing in all five seasons.[4] In 2013, Craig lead a team of fellow spec ops veterans on a series of tactical missions against rhino poachers in Africa. These missions were filmed and aired on Animal Planet's series, Battleground: Rhino Wars.[5]

Sawyer is also a motocross racer and local Las Vegas champion. He was also selected by Maxim as "Maximum Warrior".[6]

Sawyer founded Vets For Child Rescue (V4CR) in April of 2017 to help create a non-permissive environment for child trafficking in the United States and began production on a documentary feature length film to highlight the challenges and efforts of law enforcement and veterans in the fight to end the exploitation of children.


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