Crash (South Korean band)

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Crash (Korean Band).jpg
Crash, 2016 Busan International Rock Festival
Background information
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Thrash metal[1]
Years active 1991−present
Labels Seoul Records
Metal Force
Rock Records
Sony Music
Members Ahn Heung-Chan
Jung Yong-Wook
Ha Jae-Yong
Lim Sang-Moook
Past members Yun Du-Byung
Lee Sung-Soo
Oh Young-Sang
Kim Yu-Sung

Crash is a thrash metal band from Seoul, South Korea.


Crash was formed in 1991 with the lineup of Ahn Heung-Chan (vocals, bass guitar), Jung Yong-Wook (drums) and Yoon Doo-Byung (guitar). They were also the first Korean band provoking slam dance and stage diving in their concert.

In 1993, they recorded their debut album Endless Supply of Pain with an internationally famous death metal producer Colin Richardson with whom the band collaborated again on their third and fourth albums. Endless Supply of the Pain was a critical and commercial success with more than 80,000 copies sold in 1993[citation needed].

Ahn Heung-chan has also provided his backing vocals on two hardcore rap tracks of Korean pop superstars, Seo Taiji & Boys' third album.

After a more death metal-oriented second album To Be or Not to Be, original guitarist Yoon was fired from the band. Their third album, Experimental State of Fear, was recorded in 1997 with two new guitarists, taking a more experimental approach, with the introduction of an industrial aspect to their thrash sound.

They participated in the D.R.I. tribute album We Don't Need Society with a cover version of "Acid Rain" as well as a Stormtroopers of Death tribute album with a cover of "Sargent D & the S.O.D.".[2]

On August 10, 2010, Crash released their 6th album, The Paragon of Animals, which returned to the thrash style of Crash's earlier albums and abandoned the industrial elements of the previous few albums. In its place was a groove metal style comparable to the American band Lamb of God.

The band continued to explore their thrash style in their most recent EP Untamed Hands In Imperfect World, released in 2014, Sony Music.

Crash won the Korean Music Awards (considered as Korean Grammy Awards) for Best Rock Album in 2011.

Current members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Lee Sung-Soo − guitar (1996−1999)
  • Oh Young-Sang − guitar (1999−2002)
  • Kim Yu-Sung − synthesizer (1999−2002)
  • Lim Sang-Mook − guitar (2002−2007)
  • Yoon Du-Byung - guitar (1992−1996, 2008−2010)



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