Crescent gunnel

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Crescent gunnel
Pholis laeta.jpg
Scientific classification
P. laeta
Binomial name
Pholis laeta
(Cope, 1873)
  • Allopholis laeta (Cope, 1873)
  • Centronotus laetus Cope, 1873

Pholis laeta, common name the crescent gunnel, is a species of marine fish in the family Pholidae, the gunnels.[1] It is a small fish that can remain out of water and breathe air. It is found mainly along the Pacific coast in shallow waters.


A specimen swimming at the Birch Aquarium, San Diego

Pholis laeta, like other gunnels, is somewhat eel-like. It grows to a maximum length of approximately 25 cm.[2] It was once confused with Pholis ornata (the saddleback gunnel) as it is nearly identical in appearance. This fish is able to breathe air.


This species is found in the eastern Pacific: Bering Sea coast of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands to Crescent City, northern California, USA. This species is found as far north as the Bering Sea along the Alaskan coast and Aleutian Islands. It occurs along the coast of the eastern Pacific Ocean down to Crescent City in northern California, United States.[2]


Pholis laeta lives in shallow, marine areas. It may also be found out of water under seaweed or rocks. It is known to live in the demersal zone at depths of up to 73 metres. This fish is common in such habitats as tide pools and in intertidal environmentsm and may be found under rocks that are protected by seaweed.[2]


This species likely eats marine worms as well as small species of crustacean.[2]


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