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The name Crowley derives from the English Crowley meaning "wood of crows". The Irish "O Cruadhlaoich" or "Ua Cruadhlaoich", a Gaelic name meaning "descendant of the hard hero" or "descendant of the hardy warrior", was anglicised to "Crowley" or "O'Crowley".

Variants include Crawley (disambiguation) and Croley.

People with this name[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Anthony Crowley, a fictional demon in the novel Good Omens and a cult icon amongst fans.
  • Father Crowley, fictional catholic priest on Desperate Housewives
  • Fran Crowley, a character in TV sitcom Mama's family
  • Terry Crowley (The Shield), a character in the TV drama The Shield
  • Victor Crowley, deformed boy who comes back from dead to kill people in 2007 film Hatchet
  • Crowley, former Scotsman turned crossroad demon and King of Hell on Supernatural.
  • Mrs. Patrick Crowley, protagonist in the novel Herself: Mrs. Patrick Crowley - A Romantical Tale (1939) by Doran Hurley
  • Ted Crowley, tennis professional in the novel The Japanese Mistress (1972) by Richard Neely

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