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In the novels of Raymond E. Feist, Crydee is a frontier town situated in the west of Midkemia. The town has been heavily mentioned in the Riftwar Saga and also in slightly in The King's Buccaneer. Crydee was also the primary setting for Magician and was Pug and Tomas’ home town. The town of Crydee is also the capital of the Duchy of Crydee which also includes the towns of Carse, Jonril, Tulan to the South-East and the forest of the Green Heart. To the North-West lies the Elven town of Elvandar and the Stone Mountains which are home to the dwarves. South of Tulan are the Free Cities of Natal. Duke Borric was the Duke of Crydee during the first book of the Riftwar saga and Martin (formally the Huntmaster of Crydee) took the position after Borric died.

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