Four Moons

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Four Moons
Cuatro lunas poster.jpg
Directed bySergio Tovar Velarde
Produced byEdgar Barrón
Written bySergio Tovar Velarde
StarringAntonio Velázquez
Alejandro de la Madrid
César Ramos
Gustavo Egelhaaf
Alonso Echánove
Alejandro Belmonte
Karina Gidi
Juan Manuel Bernal
CinematographyYannick Nolin
Release date
  • 25 March 2014 (2014-03-25) (Guadalajara)
  • 12 February 2015 (2015-02-12)

Four Moons (Spanish: Cuatro lunas) is a 2014 Mexican drama directed by Sergio Tovar Velarde.[1][2] It stars Antonio Velázquez,[3] Alejandro de la Madrid,[4] César Ramos, Gustavo Egelhaaf, Alonso Echánove,[5] Alejandro Belmonte, Karina Gidi[6] and Juan Manuel Bernal.[7][8][9][10][11][12] It was one of fourteen films shortlisted by Mexico to be their submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards,[13][14] but it lost out to 600 Miles.[15] Alonso Echánove was nominated for an Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2015 for his role in Cuatro Lunas.[16]


Four interwoven and complex stories of love and acceptance (of self and others): a boy who has secretly been attracted to his male cousin through life; two college students starting a secret relationship; a committed couple severely tested by the arrival of another man; and an old married man dazzled by a young married male who hustles to get back to his own family.



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