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Cuba is a Caribbean island country.

Cuba may also refer to:



New Zealand[edit]



  • La Cuba, a municipality in the province of Teruel, autonomous community of Aragon

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Avon (county), a defunct county in the west of England, where CUBA is an acronym for the "County that Used to Be Avon"

United States[edit]



  • Cuba, a New Zealand Company barque that bought surveyors to Wellington, New Zealand in 1840
  • SS Cuba, originally Yorktown (1894) converted to the first turbo-electric passenger ship rebuilt from the wrecked Powhatan 1919–1920 began operation in late 1920 by Miami Steamship Company
  • SS Cuba (1920), ex German SS Coblenz (1897) renamed SS Cuba in 1920, which sank in 1923
  • SS Cuba (1921), a ship built by William Cramp & Sons, WW II U.S. Army Transport Cuba operating in the Caribbean
  • SS Cuba (1923), a British troopship built by Swan Hunter sunk by German submarine U-1195 6 April 1945

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