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Cuba Austin (1906 – 1961) was an American jazz drummer.

Born in Charleston, West Virginia, Austin first enters the record as a member of William McKinney's group, McKinney's Cotton Pickers. Austin joined the group after its formation in 1926, taking over for McKinney himself on drums. The group recorded frequently, both under the names Cotton Pickers and Chocolate Dandies.

In 1931, the Cotton Pickers split into two ensembles, with Austin heading one of them, which took the name The Original Cotton Pickers. When he disbanded this group, he moved to Baltimore and worked on his own as well as in an orchestra with Rivers Chambers. Austin's date of death is unknown.

Austin was an influential figure in early jazz; Gene Krupa called Austin one of his major influences. Austin was one of the first drummers to use the newly invented hi hat in hot and swing jazz.