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Location of Turkic Capitals of Culture

Culture and Arts Capital of the Turkic World, (Turkish: Türk Dünyası Kültür Başkenti) is a city designated by the TÜRKSOY for a period of one calendar year during which it organises a series of cultural events.

The decision for a cultural capital was made during the tenth meeting of Türksoy in 2010. The first city is selected as Astana for the year 2012.[1] With the 2013 edition, a Eurovision themed song contest, Turkvision Song Contest, debuted.[2]

List of capital cities[edit]

Year City Country/Region Notes
2012 Astana  Kazakhstan -
2013 Eskişehir  Turkey Turkvision Song Contest 2013
2014 Kazan  Tatarstan ( Russia) Turkvision Song Contest 2014
2015 Mary  Turkmenistan -
2016 Sheki  Azerbaijan -
2017 Turkistan  Kazakhstan -
2018 Kastamonu  Turkey -

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