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Cunonia capensis 139-8504.jpg
Cunonia capensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Oxalidales
Family: Cunoniaceae
Genus: Cunonia

Cunonia × alticola
Cunonia aoupiniensis
Cunonia atrorubens
Cunonia austrocaledonica
Cunonia balansae
Cunonia bopopensis
Cunonia bullata
Cunonia capensis
'Cunonia cerifera
Cunonia deplanchei
Cunonia dickisonii
Cunonia × koghicola
Cunonia lenormandii
Cunonia linearisepala
Cunonia macrophylla
Cunonia montana
Cunonia pseudoverticillata
Cunonia pterophylla
Cunonia pulchella
Cunonia purpurea
Cunonia rotundifolia
Cunonia rupicola
Cunonia schinziana
Cunonia varijuga
Cunonia vieillardii

Cunonia austrocaledonica - MHNT

Cunonia is a genus of shrubs and trees in the family Cunoniaceae. The genus has a disjunct distribution, with 24 species endemic to New Caledonia in the Pacific, and one species (Cunonia capensis) in Southern Africa. Leaves are opposite, simple or pinnate with a margin entire to serrate. Interpetiolar stipules are often conspicuous and generally enclose buds to form a spoon-like shape (hence the common name "Butterspoon Tree" for Cunonia capensis). Flowers are bisexual, white, red (pink to purple), or green, arranged in racemes. The fruit is a capsule opening first around the base then vertically, seeds are winged.[1][2]

List of species[edit]

Southern Africa

New Caledonia[2]


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