Curtea Veche nr. 43

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Curtea Veche nr. 43
OriginBucharest, Romania
GenresRhythm and blues, progressive rock, experimental rock
Years active1974 (1974)–1977 (1977)
Past membersSorin Chifiriuc
Florin Ochescu
Traian Sasu
Florin Iordănescu
Bogdan Stănescu
Mircea Florian
Gabriel Căciulă
Radu Mihai Răducanu

Curtea Veche nr. 43 were a Romanian musical band who were active in the mid-1970s.

They formed in 1974 as a trio: Sorin Chifiriuc (guitar), Traian Sasu (drums) and Nicușor Curta (bass).[1] Except for Florin Ochescu, who was a student at the Bucharest Polytechnics Institute, the other three members were students at the Bucharest Music Academy. Later, Curta was replaced by Florin Iordănescu, and Florin Ochescu joined as a guitarist. During the years several member changes took place, the band collaborating also with Mircea Florian, who contributed both music and lyrics.

The band recorded some songs at the state-owned radio studio, and appeared sporadically also on television, for example on Club T.


  • Imn-Proiect on the collective Electrecord record "Formații românești pop”, vol. II. (1976)

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