Curtin Immigration Reception and Processing Centre

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Curtin Immigration Detention Centre is an Australian immigration detention facility in the Kimberley in Western Australia at 17°36'14.58"S 123°49'14.28"E. Curtin was described by former Immigration minister, Philip Ruddock, as the country's "most primitive" processing centre. It was shut down by the Howard Government following a riot in 2002 but was re-opened in 2010 by its successor - the Rudd-Gillard Government. Being run by Serco Asia Pacific who also run Villawood and other detention centres in Australia.[1] The controversial move has been seen by commentators as a reversal by the Australian Labor Party of its policy towards detention.[2][3]

Notable Detainees[edit]

Munjed Al Muderis Iraqi assylum seeker and pioneering Osteointegration surgeon, and human rights activist.

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Coordinates: 17°36′18″S 123°49′15″E / 17.60500°S 123.82083°E / -17.60500; 123.82083