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Custom, customary, or consuetudinary may refer to:

Traditions, laws, and religion[edit]

  • Convention (norm), a set of agreed, stipulated or generally accepted rules, norms, standards or criteria, often taking the form of a custom
  • Norm (social), a rule that is socially enforced
  • Customary law or consuetudinary, laws and regulations established by common practice
  • Customary (liturgy) or consuetudinary, a Christian liturgical book describing the adaptation of rites and rules for a particular context
  • Custom (Catholic canon law), an unwritten law established by repeated practice
  • Customary international law, an aspect of international law involving the principle of custom
  • Mores
  • Tradition
  • Minhag (pl. minhagim), Jewish customs
  • ʿUrf (Arabic: العرف), the customs of a given society or culture



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