Cutty Sark (short story)

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"Cutty Sark"
Author Ivan Yefremov
Original title "Russian: ""Катти Сарк"""
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian
Genre(s) Novella
Published in Krasnoflotets (Leningrad), 1944, №5
Media type Print (magazine)
Publication date 1944
Followed by "revised version of 1958"

"Cutty Sark" (Russian: Катти Сарк) is a novella about the sailing ship Cutty Sark by the Soviet writer and paleontologist Ivan Yefremov. It was written in 1942-1943 and first published in the USSR in 1944.[1]

Intrigued by the history of the Cutty Sark, Yefremov produced a sketch about her, which ended with a beautiful version of dry-docking the legendary tea clipper in the United States. The story was translated into English and other languages. Yefremov's story may have influenced the preservation of the Cutty Sark,[1] which was reconstructed and dry-docked in Greenwich, London, 1954.

The feedback from English-speaking readers forced Yefremov to "upgrade" the storyline with some new facts from clipper's life.[1]

The story popularized the Cutty Sark in the USSR and Russia.


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