Cyber Speedway

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Cyber Speedway
Cyber Speedway cover us.jpg
North American cover art of Cyber Speedway
Developer(s) NexTech
Publisher(s) Sega
Designer(s) Syd Mead
Platform(s) Saturn
  • NA: 1995
  • JP: May 26, 1995
  • EU: 1996
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player

Cyber Speedway (Gran Chaser in Japan) is a 1995 racing video game developed by NexTech and published by Sega for the Sega Saturn.

The game was originally called Grand Racer, but was renamed to avoid confusion with another early Saturn game, Gale Racer.[1] It is a spiritual sequel to the 1993 computer game CyberRace;[1] the two games share a similar theme, and vehicles designed by Syd Mead.


Review scores
Publication Score
Maximum 2/5 stars[2]
Sega Saturn Magazine 68%[3]

Cyber Speedway received generally mediocre reviews. While critics remarked that the graphics are good[2][3][4] and that the two-player split screen mode is a welcome treat, especially given that the Saturn's flagship racer Daytona USA is single-player only,[3][4] they found fault with the gameplay, particularly the hovercraft handling. Rad Automatic of Sega Saturn Magazine argued that the vehicle's lack of traction is an inaccurate depiction of hovercraft physics,[3] while a reviewer for Maximum felt that the hovercraft concept was a poor one to begin with, since hovercraft handle identically on all surfaces, making for "a predictable, tedious ride."[2] A GamePro critic commented that the game was fun to play but lacked longevity, since all the tracks are easy to master and elements such as the crude cinematics in story mode limit the game's replay appeal.[4]


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