Nex Entertainment

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Nex Entertainment
Industry Software & programming
Founded September 28, 1992[1]
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Masaru Osamu Aoyama (CEO)
Revenue N/A
Number of employees

Nex Entertainment (ネクスエンタテインメント, Nekusu Entateinmento), formerly known as GAU Entertainment and Nextech (ネクステック, Nekusutekku), is a Japanese developer of video games. The company usually does not market or publish the games it develops, instead they primarily develop games for other companies on a contract basis. Their clients include Sega, Capcom, Namco, Takara, Taito, Atlus, and Square Enix.[1]

Nex Entertainment was founded as GAU Entertainment. Two years afterwards, the company merged into Nextech, which was bought by Sega in 1997.[1][2] Nex Entertainment emerged as a third-party developer in 2003.[1]




Game Boy Advance[edit]


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