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Cynthia Nilson (songwriter and singer) was born as Cynthia Sara Nilson in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the 1970s. She began singing professionally with her father Carlos Nilson [1] (composer and producer of TV music) in various songs for Argentine television shows like Ritmo De La Noche with Marcelo Tinelli, Verano del 98 and Jugate Conmigo with Cris Morena.

In the 1990s she began performing with her own rock bands, such as Asociacion Ilicita, Pony Express, and Apurados. In 1995 the Argentinian pop group The Sacados hired Cynthia Nilson to sing and play keyboards during their Colombian tour with Shakira. She also sang in Verano Del '98, a hit song from a famous soap opera. Today she lives in Miami, and has collaborated in many records as writer and/or singer with Azucar Moreno, Alexandre Pires,[2] Kelly Clarkson, Shaila Durcal, Noelia, Patricia Manterola, Ricardo Montaner, Aracely Arambula, Tierra Cero, Ninel Conde, Twiggy, Machito Ponce, Cynthia, Kika, Edgar, Pilar Montegro, and Don Omar. She also wrote music for other Mexican soap operas, including La Jaula De Oro and El Amor No Tiene Precio. She is an ASCAP award winner and has been nominated for several Grammies.


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