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This non-profit organisation (CIFIM) was founded in Tábor, Czech Republic, in Baroque chateau (castle) in Tábor-Měšice.


The CIFIM charter was registried by the Ministry of the Interior on October 23, 2000 (registration number: VS/1-1/45 046/00-R). Identification number (IČO): 70868581.

CIFIM is a non-profit charity concerned with humanities (political sciences, economy, and social relationships), research and publicity, Christian ethics, cultural and artistic activities (Art. III, par 1, Organisation Statute).

Sections of CIFIM[edit]

Czech Institute for International Meetings consists of 4 sections (Art. IV, CIFIM sections):

  • Human Rights and Education Association: international association in the Czech Republic dedicated to the legacy of John and Robert Kennedy's struggle for human rights and the education of the masses.
  • Czech-German Meetings Club: the mission of the club is to break the stereotypes between Czechs and Germans, to increase co-operation in the newly integrated Europe (European Union), and to contribute to the security of and development in Central Europe.
  • Ludwig Erhard Forum: economic, political, scientific and research-oriented activities in the field of economy in the spirit of the "Father of the German economic miracle" and the founder of "social market economy".
  • Jan Bervida Society: culture, literature, arts, music and social development without boundaries for the sake of European and international integration.


21st August 1968 - Soviet, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian and East German units commit aggression against Czechoslovakia by night.
  • John F. Kennedy and His Time.
Also the presentation of US historical shares, which belong to fame American Shareholders (coming soon) 2007.

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