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A dot is usually a small, round spot.

Dot, DoT or DOT may also refer to:


  • Full stop or "period", a sentence terminator
  • Dot (diacritic), a mark above or below a character (e.g. ȧ, ạ, İ, Ċ, ċ, etc.), usually to indicate sound mutation
  • Interpunct (·) also known as an "interpoint", "middle dot", "middot", "centered dot" or "centred dot", a punctuation mark


  • "Dot as decimal point", the form of decimal separator generally used in anglophone countries, e.g., $24.99
  • Dot operator, a notation used to signify multiplication
  • Dot product, algebraic operation returning a single number from two equal-length sequences

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People, fictional characters, and mascots[edit]

  • Dot (given name), a list of people and fictional characters
  • Pedro Dot (1885–1976), Spanish rose breeder
  • Admiral Dot, stage name of Leopold S. Kahn (1859 or 1863–1918), a dwarf performer for P. T. Barnum
  • Dot, the mascot of PBS Kids since 1999

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