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DWRM Radyo ng Bayan-Palawan
City Puerto Princesa City
Broadcast area Palawan
Branding Radyo ng Bayan
Slogan Ang Radyo ng Bayan (The People's Radio)
Frequency 648 kHz
First air date 1970
Format news, public affairs/Talk, entertainment
Power 10,000 watts
Owner Philippine Broadcasting Service
Website PBS

DWRM is the government radio station called Radyo Ng Bayan in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan that started airing in 1970. It was dubbed DwRM in recognition of the late Speaker Ramon V. Mitra, Jr.'s effort of establishing the said station. RM also stands for radyo ng mamamayan which reiterates the purpose it was built- that is to serve the people. The first Station Manager was Rogelio "Ka Roger" Lagasca, followed by Mr. Epifanio Pabon who retired on 2006. Mr. Eduardo Libiran was designated OIC and was replaced by Ms. Clarina Guludah in 2010. Currently, the designated Acting Station Manager since 2012 is Ms. Gudula "Goody" Sarsagat.


Radyo ng Bayan-Palawan known as DWRM started airing in the province in 1991. The main transmitter and studio was built in a five-hectare government land located along national highway at Bgy. Sta Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. It was also constructed with 314 meter high tower with 10 kilowatt broadcast power on 648 kHz.

The radio station was established through the effort and initiative of then House Speaker Ramon V. Mitra, Jr, congressman of the 2nd district of Palawan with the aim of bringing the government to the far flung areas of the province using the airwaves. It was also dubbed DWRM in honor of the late speaker’s effort (Ramon Mitra) and Radyo ng Mamamayan as well to emphasize the ultimate purpose of the station that is to serve the people.

The first test broadcast was slated on May 17, 1991 and the building was inaugurated on June 8, 1991 when the normal operations and broadcast begun. The foregoing affair was personally attended by then Speaker Ramon V. Mitra Jr as guest of honor. The pioneer staff was composed of fourteen permanent personnel and two volunteers. The first station manager was Roger” Ka Roger” Lagasca, while the broadcast production supervisor was Mr. Daniel "Danny" Maano and the first Broadcast Operations Supervisor was Mr. Eduardo V. Libiran. The pioneer broadcast staff were the following, Mr. Elfren Servando Jr, Ms. Leilani P.Rebote, Ms. Claire S. Herrera, Ms. Irene S. Del Rosario and Ms. MelroseOcana while the technical staffs were Mr. Teodoro Oliveros, Mr. NoeSalvacion, Mr. Reniel Mayor, Mr. Walter Tena and Lido Quinto with Mr.Elizer Panganiban as Ulitity Man at Toby Concepcion as Security Officer.

The two volunteers were Mr. Ernie Alcala and Lolo Cardo. Eventually, Mr. Ernie was absorbed as permanent employee of the station. The programs aired over Radio ng Bayan Palawan was heard as far as kota kinabalo at Sabah Malaysia and Kalayaan island at its peak at 10 kW power.The second appointed Station manager was Mr. Epifanio Pabon that retired in the province on September, 2006. After 2006, BOS Eduardo Libiran was designated as OIC and followed by Ms. Clarina Guludah on 2010. Currently, the designated Acting Station Manager is Ms. Gudula "Goody" Sarsagat since 2012.

The present broadcast personnel are the following:

Ms. Clarina Herrera Guludah - Broadcast Program Supervisor and Mr. Damian Lacasa Jr.–BPPA I

The present Technical staffs are the following:

Mr. Eduardo V. Libiran – Broadcast Operations Supervisor; Mr. Noe Salvacion –BOT III; Mr. Reniel Mayor – BOT III; Mr. Walter Tena – BOT II; and Mr. Lido Quinto – BOT II

The Admintrative personnel are:

Ms. Margie S. Delos Reyes- Administrative Officer and Mr. Ramon Estores- Utility

DWRM Radyo ng Bayan programs is aired from 5:45 o’clock in the morning to 7 0’clock in the evening from Mondays to Fridays and from 7 am to 5 pm during Saturdays and Sundays with a maximum of 10 kHz broadcast power.

It is heard at Calamianes Island up to the northern tip of Palawan specifically at El Nido and Taytay and up to Rizal Town in the southern part of the province. Text messages are received from Zamboanga City, Negros Occidental, Antique and Mapun Tawi Tawi.