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Bombo Radyo Philippines
Basta Radyo... BOMBO!
Private (PSEBRP)
Industry Radio Network
Founded July 6, 1966
Founder Don Marcelino Florete
Headquarters Iloilo, Philippines
Makati City, Philippines
Key people
Rogelio M. Florete (President and CEO)
Rogelio C. Florete, Jr. (EVP)
Margaret Ruth C. Florete (SVP)
Herman Z. Basbano (VP/COO/Makati office manager)
Elmar C. Acol (Network news director)
Charmy Sabigan (Luzon area manager)
Warren French (Visayas area manager)
Ricky Collado (Mindanao area manager)
Revenue unknown
Owner Consolidated Broadcasting System, Inc. (CBS)
Newsounds Broadcasting Network, Inc. (NBN)
People's Broadcasting Service, Inc. (PBS)
Parent Florete Group of Companies
Website Official Website

Bombo Radyo Philippines is one of the largest radio networks in the Philippines spanning across 21 major provinces. It is a conglomeration of three smaller radio networks: Newsounds Broadcasting Network, Inc. (NBN), Mindanao licensee; Consolidated Broadcasting System, Inc. (CBS), Visayas licensee; and People's Broadcasting Service, Inc. (PBS), Luzon licensee. It is composed of 21 Bombo Radyo stations and 16 Star FM stations across the Philippines. Bombo Radyo is owned and managed by the Florete Group of Companies which also manages banking and pawnshop operations.

Bombo Radyo Philippines AM division, although not yet having a station in the capital city of Manila (but maintaining a Newscenter In Makati), is by far consistently strong in ratings particularly in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

The Bombo Radyo brand has been closely associated with fearless commentaries and controversial exposes against prominent and powerful Filipino politicians, thus making it popular among the masses.[1]


Its flagship station, Bombo Radyo Iloilo, based in Iloilo City was founded in July 4, 1966, from the start, the station's studios are located inside the Florete Building in Mapa Street, until it was relocated in the Bombo Radyo Broadcast Center alongside Luna Street in Lapaz District, the station has been enjoying the prestige honor of consistently being the number one radio station since its inception during the 1970s.

DYFM is then part of the Northern Broadcasting Corporation, Don Marcelino, the grand old man of Bombo Radyo was accepted an joint venture agreement between him and former Ilocos Sur governor Arthur Villanueva.

From humble beginnings and starting with small amount of employees, until the Florete Group acquired the operations of NBC with 10 stations and 2 affliates in the whole archapelago. It also entered an management alliance together with CBS, NBN and PBS.

In 1976, Dr. Rogelio Florete, through the advice of his mother Doña Salome Florete, has started to helmed the day-by-day operations of Bombo Radyo. In the same year, the network launched DYRF 99.5 FM (now known as Star FM Iloilo). From then on, the network continue to grow until they acquired DWXB 102.7 FM from Universal Broadcasting Network in 1987 and became DWSM The Gentle Wind (now known as Star FM Manila).

Bombo Radyo slogans[edit]

Branding Slogans
Bombo Radyo Philippines *Basta Radyo... BOMBO!
*The Number 1 Radio Network in the Country!
*Ang Pambansang Radyo ng Pilipinas! (The Philippines' National Radio)
*Ang Boses at Puso ng Pilipino

Bombo Radyo stations[edit]

Branding Call-Sign Frequency Power (kW) Location
Bombo Radyo Baguio DZWX-AM 1035 kHz 5 kW Baguio
Bombo Radyo Laoag DZVR-AM 711 kHz 5 kW Laoag
Bombo Radyo Vigan DZVV-AM 603 kHz 5 kW Vigan
Bombo Radyo La Union DZSO-AM 720 kHz 5 kW San Fernando, La Union
Bombo Radyo Dagupan DZWN-AM 1125 kHz 10 kW Dagupan
Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao DZGR-AM 891 kHz 10 kW Tuguegarao
Bombo Radyo Cauayan DZNC-AM 801 kHz 10 kW Cauayan
Bombo Radyo Daet* DZVX-AM 1269 kHz 5 kW Daet, Camarines Norte
Bombo Radyo Naga DZNG-AM 1044 kHz 10 kW Naga
Bombo Radyo Legaspi DZLG-AM 927 kHz 5 kW Legaspi
Bombo Radyo Iloilo* DYFM-AM 837 kHz 10 kW Iloilo
Bombo Radyo Bacolod DYWB-AM 630 kHz 10 kW Bacolod
Bombo Radyo Kalibo DYIN-AM 1107 kHz 5 kW Kalibo, Aklan
Bombo Radyo Roxas DYOW-AM 900 kHz 5 kW Roxas
Bombo Radyo Cebu DYMF-AM 963 kHz 10 kW Cebu
Bombo Radyo Tacloban DYTX-FM 95.1 MHz 10 kW Tacloban
Bombo Radyo Butuan DXBR-AM 981 kHz 10 kW Butuan
Bombo Radyo Davao DXMF-AM 585 kHz 10 kW Davao
Bombo Radyo General Santos DXES-AM 801 kHz 5 kW General Santos
Bombo Radyo Koronadal DXMC-AM 1026 kHz 5 kW Koronadal
Bombo Radyo Cagayan de Oro DXIF-AM 765 kHz 10 kW Cagayan de Oro
  • *Flagship Station

List of programs of Bombo Radyo Philippines[edit]

(Note: Not all programs are available to Bombo Radyo Stations)


  • Bombo News & Views Morning Edition
  • Bombo News & Views Afternoon Edition
  • Bombo News & Views Evening Edition
  • Bombo Pampabuenas Balita (every Sunday)
  • Bombo Reports 1st Edition
  • Bombo Reports 2nd Edition
  • Bombo Reports Afternoon Edition
  • Bombo Headliners (every hour)
  • Good Morning Philippines (every Sunday)

with Bombo Radyo Regional

(Programs that are aired nationwide through Bombo Newscenter in Makati.)

    • Bombo Network News Morning Edition
    • Bombo Network News Noontime Edition
    • Bombo Network News Evening Edition

with 102.7 Star FM


  • Bombo Hanay Bigtime
  • Bombo Hanay sa Tanghali
  • Bombo Hanay sa Gabi
  • Bombo Hanay sa Barangay
  • Bombo Hanay Weekend Edition (every Sunday)
  • Zona Libre


  • Bombo Lifestyle


  • Kahapon Lamang
  • Bombo Hanay sa Musika (every Sunday)
  • Bombo Success Stories (every Sunday)
  • Whisper in the Night (every Sunday)

Justice discussion[edit]

  • Dura Lex Sed Lex (every Sunday)

Health discussion[edit]

  • Bombo Medico (every Sunday)

Sports discussion[edit]

  • Bombo Sports and Physical Fitness (every Sunday)

Public Service[edit]

  • Negosyo at Empleyo sa Bombo (every Sunday)

Religious Program[edit]

  • Holy Rosary

Star FM[edit]

Bombo Radyo's FM network group, popularly known as Star FM, is equally as strong as its sister AM network group. Its flagship station based in Manila, even with the existence of a substantial number of FM stations operating and stiff competition from both ABS-CBN's, TV5's and GMA Network's own networks, is the number one radio station in Metro Manila. The network's strongest market segment is with the provincial or rural people currently residing in Manila helped by its strong brand name in the provinces. Prior to 1994, Bombo Radyo managed its FM stations locally with each individual unique brand name. However this has all been changed in April 1994 when the network officially re-branded all 15 FM stations to carry the brand name Star FM and now share the same vision and objective. The re-branding proved to be successful as Star FM now enjoys strong ratings all across the country. On occasion, Star FM stations are tapped to do news gathering, especially when covering local and national elections.[2]

Star FM slogans[edit]

Branding Slogans
Star FM The Best Music Station Across the Nation!
Iba ang Dating!
Like mo, share mo!

The Station's Motto is: Upholding Our Commitment to Serve the Nation Through Music and Information

Station ID: Serving Mega Manila Through Music and Information, This is 102.7 Star FM Like mo, Share mo, and the stringer goes: Star FM!

Star FM stations[edit]

Branding Call-Sign Frequency Power (kW) Location
102.7 Star FM Manila DWSM-FM 102.7 MHz 25 kW Metro Manila
89.5 Star FM Baguio DWIM-FM 89.5 MHz 10 kW Baguio
100.7 Star FM Dagupan DWHY-FM 100.7 MHz 10 kW Dagupan
93.3 Star FM Tuguegarao* DWIC-FM 93.3 MHz 10 kW Tuguegarao
96.1 Star FM Cauayan* DWIT-FM 96.1 MHz 10 kW Cauayan
103.7 Star FM Roxas DYRX-FM 103.7 MHz 5 kW Roxas
99.5 Star FM Iloilo DYRF-FM 99.5 MHz 10 kW Iloilo
95.9 Star FM Bacolod DYIF-FM 95.9 MHz 10 kW Bacolod
95.5 Star FM Cebu DYMX-FM 95.5 MHz 25 kW Cebu
93.9 Star FM Zamboanga DXCB-FM 93.9 MHz 10 kW Zamboanga
93.3 Star FM Dipolog DXFB-FM 93.3 MHz 5 kW Dipolog
90.3 Star FM Cagayan de Oro* DXEQ-FM 90.3 MHz 10 kW Cagayan de Oro
96.3 Star FM Davao DXFX-FM 96.3 MHz 10 kW Davao
100.7 Star FM General Santos* DXEF-FM 100.7 MHz 10 kW General Santos
91.1 Star FM Koronadal* DXFC-FM 91.1 MHz 5 kW Koronadal
93.7 Star FM Cotabato DXFD-FM 93.7 MHz 5 kW Cotabato


List of Programs of Star FM[edit]

  • Pinoy Morning Na!
  • Morning Starsweep(Stardinas Show)
  • Afternoon Starsweep
  • Evening Starsweep
  • It's All For You in the Morning
  • It's All For You in the Afternoon
  • It's All For You in the Evening
  • Star Musikainan
  • Rock Rumble (every Saturday)
  • Saturday Night Sweep
  • Pinoy Memories (every Sunday)
  • Sunday Disco Flashback
  • Friendstar Live
  • Never on Sunday
  • Superstar Sunday
  • Vault of Rock
  • Mellow Rock (every Wednesday and Sunday)
  • Sunday Dance Party
  • Stariffic Sunday Mix
  • Sunday Nightsweep
  • The Perfect 10 Countdown (Every Sunday)


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