Daejeon Health Sciences College

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Daejeon Health Sciences College
Established 1977
President Chung Moo-nam
Address 77-3 Gayang2-Dong, Dong-Gu, Daejeon, 300-711 Daejeon, Korea, Daejeon, Daejeon,  Republic of Korea
Campus Urban(Daejeon Campus)
Website www.hit.ac.kr
Daejeon healthcollege.gif
Korean name
Hangul 대전보건대학
Hanja 大田保健大學
Revised Romanization Daejeon Bogeon Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Taejŏn Pogŏn Taehak

Daejeon Health Sciences College is a technical college providing training in the health sciences in South Korea. It is located in the Dong-gu district of Daejeon metropolitan city. The college carries a maximum enrollment of about 3,700. The current president is Lee Gang-o (이강오).


The school began as Daejeon Technical School of Health (대전보건전문학교) in 1978, and gained technical-college status later the same year. Its present name was adopted in 1998.

Sister schools[edit]

The college's sister schools include New South Wales University's optics department, and South Baylor University.

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