Daily Camera

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Daily Camera
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) MediaNews Group
Publisher Albert J. Manzi
Editor Kevin Kaufman
Founded 1891
Language English
Headquarters 5450 Western Ave.
Boulder, CO 80301
United States
Website DailyCamera.com

The Daily Camera is a newspaper in Boulder, Colorado, United States. It is owned by Prairie Mountain Publishing, a division of Digital First Media.


Frederick P. Johnson and Bert Bell founded the weekly Boulder Camera in 1890,[1] and it became a daily in 1891. Ownership has changed over the years. The paper has been owned by Ridder (1969–1974), Knight Ridder (1974–1997), Scripps (1997–2009) and MediaNews Group (2009–2013).[2] In 2013 MediaNews Group and Digital First Media merged under the Digital First Media name.

The official name of this newspaper at various times has been the Boulder Camera, the Boulder Daily Camera, the Daily Camera, simply the Camera, and most recently the Daily Camera once again. All names listed are still in common usage as nicknames for the paper.


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