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Daisy Polk (fl. 1917) was an American woman who became Comtesse de Buyer-Mimeure after marrying French Army General Marie Joseph Louis Robert de Buyer.

Polk was a prominent woman from San Francisco (she was the sister of architect Willis Polk and related to President Polk[1]). Active in the American relief effort during World War I, she was assigned the reconstruction of the French village of Vitrimont,[2] with monies supplied by Mrs. Crocker of San Francisco; Vitrimont was the first of a number of villages restored with American aid.[3] She and de Buyer met by chance in Vitrimont in 1916: when her car broke down, de Buyer offered his assistance; a year later they were married,[4] in September.[5] Her husband had been in command of the 6th Light Armoured Brigade. In 1915 he became commander of the Third Cavalry Corps (France), and a year later of the Second Army Corps (France).[4][6] He retired in 1917.[7] The wedding was attended by such notables as General Pétain.

In 1920, Polk was named a Legion Chevalier.,[8][9]

In the 1930s, Comtesse de Buyer-Mimeuse, a well-known public figure,[10] was active with the Catholic Sewing Circle in Passy.[11]


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