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Daizinyat is a tribe of Hazaras in Afghanistan who mainly lived Badghis' region, Qala'e Naw, located at the east of Darya'e Kas (Kas river), is the famous fort and place that this tribe lived in and one of the populated areas of Badghis. They were astablished here by Nadir Shah Afshar, they belong to the Daizangi tribe of Hazara, most probably from Ghor region. Their name also indicate to the same. one of their elders Sarder Hussain Khan was appointed the governor of Herat by Nasir Shah. They live in and around the Dara'e Ab Kaka, Ab Mohra and surroundings of Qala'e Naw. therefore they are also referred to as Hazara-i-Qala e Nau. They profess sunni Isam against the mainly Shia Hazaras of Hazarajat. [1]

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