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For other uses, see Dale.
Not to be confused with Dell (landform).

A dale is an open valley. Dale is a synonym to the word valley, which entered the English language after the Norman Conquest. Norwegian towns frequently use this term: dalekvam, so dale. The name is used when describing the physical geography of an area. It is used most frequently in the Lowlands of Scotland and in the North of England, where the term "fell" commonly refers to the mountains or hills that flank the dale.

The word dale comes from the Old English word dael, from which the word "dell" is also derived. It is also related to Old Norse word dalr (and the modern Icelandic word dalur), which may perhaps have influenced its survival in northern England.[1]

There is semantic equivalency to many words and phrases, suggesting a common Indo-European affinity. Vale and thalweg are also related.

Word/phrase Language
dal Dutch
Tal, Delle German
dal Norwegian & Swedish & Danish
даліна (dalina) Belarusian
долина (dolina) Russian/Bulgarian
vale Romanian
dolină Romanian
долина (dolina) Serbian
dolec, dolek Slovenian
údolí, důl Czech
دره (dære) Persian