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Damania is a family name given to the original inhabitants of Daman, a specific Gujarati community within the Indian subcontinent. Some may write it as Damaniya.

The origin of the last name "Damania" is based on the small village called "Daman" (Union territory), which is in the Union Territory of Daman and Diu within India. The original people from Daman were given the last name "Damania". This surname is largely seen in three communities, one is "Parsi" who came from Iran to India ages ago and settled in Daman and nearby villages like Navasari and Vapi. The second community, is the Shia Muslims which were of two different sub sects in the same community. the first is, Ismaili Muslims who also share such a surname, who were converts from Hindus which were partly inhabitants of the native villages who got converted during the time Aga Khan II was on his journey towards shifting his residence to Bombay and a few on request of the office of the Portuguese Governor General. A few companions of the Aga Khan got settled at Daman as well its surrounding areas for trade and also appointed as zamindars. The second were, the Shia Bohra as well as the Bori community got settled at these places who were merchants for business purpose and the third community is, the original residents of Daman, were famous for their shipbuilding skills. This carpenter community worships "Vishvakarma", the god of architecture (called "Sthapatya kala" in Sanskrit).

The surname is found among the Parsis, The Shia Muslims, who were Ismaili Muslims and the Bohra and Bohri Muslims and the Gujarati Hindus. A domestic airline and shipping company was started by Parvez Damania called "Damania Airways".

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