Damenlou Hotel

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Coordinates: 1°16′52.6″N 103°50′43.5″E / 1.281278°N 103.845417°E / 1.281278; 103.845417

Damenlou Hotel
Damenlou Hotel, Jan 06.JPG
Damenlou Hotel is located in Singapore
Damenlou Hotel
Location within Singapore
General information
Location Ann Siang Road, Chinatown, Central Area, Singapore
Coordinates 1°16′52.6″N 103°50′50″E / 1.281278°N 103.84722°E / 1.281278; 103.84722

Damenlou Hotel (Chinese: 大门楼旅店) was a small hotel located at Ann Siang Road, in Chinatown, within the Central Area of Singapore.

Damenlou Hotel's origins can be traced to the creation of the dish of fishhead mifen (rice vermicelli), which was invented by Tang Kwong Swee in the 1920s.[1] The hotel had a famous restaurant, named Swee Kee.[2]

By mid-2007, Damenlou Hotel had ceased operations. Its premises have been taken over by the Screening Room, a dining and entertainment venue with bistro, movie theatre and rooftop bar. Accompanying this change, the hotel facade and interior have been heavily renovated.[3]


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