Dan Biggin

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Dan Biggin
Also known as Danny B
Born (1980-08-01) 1 August 1980 (age 37)
Genres Death metal, thrash metal, extreme metal
Occupation(s) Guitarist, Bassist, Producer
Instruments Bass, Guitar
Years active unknown
Associated acts Pentagram Chile
Lock Up
Unholy Heathen Terror
Depraved Plague

Dan Biggin, more commonly known professionally as Danny B is a guitarist and bassist performing with Chilean thrash band Criminal, Chilean death metal band Pentagram Chile and also involved in his own side projects Takoma Star (punk rock) and Flight 19 (instrumental – avant garde) to name a few.


Danny B is a record producer, mix engineer, mastering engineer and live sound engineer of growing notoriety and owner of HVR Recording Studios in Suffolk, U.K. where he has produced bands such as Pentagram Chile, Criminal , Agonyst, Brainchoke, Beef Conspiracy and Lock Up to name a few as well as working with now legendary NWOBHM artists Trespass. He has also recently been resurrecting the back catalogue of cult record label Cacophonous Records by remastering seminal albums from bands such as Sigh , Dimmu Borgir , Bal_Sagoth and Gehennah.

As well as producing the last three Criminal albums 'White Hell', 'Akelarre' and 'Fear Itself' he recently completed work on the first ever full length by Pentagram (more than 20 years after their initial break up) and new albums by 1980s thrashers Anihilated.

As a live musician he has performed all over the world either playing guitar (his main instrument) or bass with bands such as Criminal, Pentagram Chile, Annihilated, Trespass, Takoma Star and more.

Recently he has started making the move back into live sound engineering (which is where he initially started his career) and as well as running a PA and Lighting company alongside the studio he completed a short summer tour in Europe doing front of house sound for American Nu-Metal band Ill Niño finishing up at Hellfest (French music festival) on the main stage followed by a short run of shows in Australia. He was also front of house sound engineer for Devilment (the new band of Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth ) on the main stage at the 2017 edition of Bloodstock Open Air

Discography (as musician)[edit]

N.C.A. (guitars)[edit]

  • "Something for the weakened" E.P. (2014) - Unreleased

Anihilated (guitars) (2013–2017)[edit]

  • "Anti Social Engineering" (2015) - 7th Vile Records

Criminal (bass) (2006–present)[edit]

  • White Hell (2009) - Massacre Records
  • Akelarre (2011) - Massacre Records
  • "Fear Itself" (2016) - Metal Blade Records

Pentagram (bass) (2009 (live), 2011–present)[edit]

  • "Demented" Split 7" with Master
  • The Malefice (2013)
  • "Ritual Human Sacrifice" (2015)

Takoma Star (vocals and guitars) (2006–present)[edit]

  • "To This Day E.P." (2007)
  • "Stockholm" - single (2008)
  • "Live O.B.S. Vol. 1" (2009)
  • "Till The Fall" (2009)
  • "The Action Goes Here E.P." (2014) - Unreleased


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